Eye makeup horror!

We all love to make our eyes pop and make the most of our sparkly gems, however we don’t want to end up with a scary eyeball or a swollen lid as a result of our poor makeup choices.

If you are a daily makeup queen, then make sure you are following the rules of the makeup queendom. Eye cosmetics are generally safe, however if you misuse them, bacteria and fungi can take over your makeup brushes and pencils. This invisible enemy can cause havoc, a havoc that quickly turns into a visible mess on your face!

The main rules of thumb are the following: Make sure you don’t use old makeup or mascara that is dried out, and DEFINITELY don’t try to moisten your brushes with saliva or water. A great way to deal with makeup hygiene, is to make sure that you treat your makeup like food. When you buy it, mark it with a date, and be sure to chuck out it out and replace every three to four months when it expires… just like food!

Since bacteria breeds in the heat, be sure to keep your makeup in a cool temperature, room temperature is fine, or even in the refrigerator. Definitely avoid leaving your makeup in a hot car or taking it in your tote bag to the beach with you.

Another rule of thumb is to never mix your cosmetics. Use your lip pencil on your lips and your eye pencil on your eyes. Mixing makeup can add bacteria into the mix very easily, as can sharing makeup with friends, applying makeup to inner eyelids or irritated eyes, or not washing your hands before applying your glam for the night. Remember divas, hygiene is makeup’s BFF.


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