Behind the lashes… yes, there is eye language!

As we all know, eyes are the windows to the soul, but did you know that it is also possible to decipher someone’s body language through their eyes alone? There are many important languages that our eyes speak to the world, some that we are aware of, and others that we are completely ignorant about, below are a few examples to keep you intrigued and amused.

For example, did you know that a smile is more about the eyes than the mouth? When a person smiles a sincere smile, this starts with the skin around the eyes crinkling up a little or a lot, whereas a shop-assistant-working-on-commission smile, well this type of smile will have no crinkle to it at all! It’s all mouth, and no eyes. Then bring a little too much botox into the mix, and this can certainly sway things into a bit of confusion.

The common theory out there is that a person who cannot look another in the eyes is not a sincere person, but it actually turns out that too much eye contact tends to be the thing to actually look out for the most. A deceptive person will tend to hold eye contact for longer so as to come across as honest and avoid the common beliefs regarding lack of eye contact. It turns out that actual true blue lack of eye contact is often more a result of shyness or nervousness, or even plain old boredom.

So what do squinting eyes and blinking eyes refer to then? Squinting generally refers to discomfort and stress, even anger in some people. So if you see someone squinting when you are talking with them, chances are they do not understand what you have said, or perhaps they do not agree with what you have said. On the other hand, people that are blinking a lot, are generally nervous, or in some cases even lying. Interestingly enough, the rate of blinking tends to increase when someone is under stress.

So next time you are talking to someone, look past the great lashes and glittery lids, and read the unspoken language of the eyes.


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