Awake Eyes vs Tired Eyes

As we all know, our eyes are the windows to our souls, this is why they are so very telling when we are sad, tired, stressed, or just getting plain old! However, why give away these parts of yourself to the world, when you can shine and glow with a few sweeps of the brush (ie: magic wand).

The first key to bright and sparkly, awake eyes, is concealer. Concealer should be every girl’s best friend, no matter how old or young she might be, no matter how happy or sad, smooth or uneven her skin tone. A touch of concealer under the eyes, and all around the orbits, tends to get rid of any tinge of darkness you might have below or above the lids. Apply your concealer, and within a second, just like a fairy godmother’s wand, you will barely recognize your eyes. Concealer evens the skin tone, makes your eyes look wider, brighter, and more alive!

The second and most important part of wide-awake look has to do with your actual lashes. Lashes that are turned up tend to make eyes look more open, thus more awake. The best way to attack this little trick is with a simple eye curler and some strengthening mascara, while not forgetting your Flash Eyelash Serum for helping your dusters to grow stronger and thicker.

Third on the happy-eyes-express, we must mention the importance and relevance of a nude-colored eyeliner. That’s right, not white or black, nude! Or whatever is closest to your natural skin tone. If you line your lower inner rims, this will give the appearance of larger eyes, and cover any redness, which often leads to tired-looking eyes. Once you have applied your rim brightener, feel free to lightly add a small dab of brown or black into the actual hairline.

Last but not least, eyebrows! Need I say more? If eyes are the windows to your soul, then eyebrows are the window sills to your soul! Build up your eyebrows into full and shapely beauties and they will brighten up your entire face, add some glam to your look, and distract from any droopy, tired or sad eyes. Take a look at your face all done up without eyebrows, and with eyebrows, and you will realize that eyebrows make miracles happen!


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