Silver Packages

Little Heart Packages

Wearing these little heart studs will add just the right amount of bling to that simple ensemble or that little black dress. Hearts are nice little things to wear however they can be a little too kitsch or girlie for some modern gals. These hearts are for the girl who wants to be feminine, but doesn’t like the traditional girly heart design. Rough edges and crisscross straw-like ribbons cover each heart like a couple of little wrapped gifts. Just like little hearts in brown paper packages, these little studs will deliver your bling in style and with a smile.

Celtic Hearts

There’s nothing like a pair of easy to wear studs, ones that can be casual with a pair of skinny jeans and a pashmina, or compliment a sexy little black dress. These studs have tiny intricate Celtic patterns shaped inside of the stud’s surface giving them a unique style all of their own. Easy to wear and comfortable, you may forget you are wearing them, but you will certainly be reminded each time you are complimented on these little treasures.

The Tree of Life

This beautiful silver tree is not only a stunning piece thanks to its intricate silver swirls and curls, but it is also stunning for what it represents. The Tree of Life has been used in many areas, from biology and philosophy to religion, and refers to how we are all interconnected on this earth. A beautiful piece of jewelry with a beautiful meaning attached to it, this little tree makes for a wonderful gift to a friend, family member, or even to oneself. The shiny little trinket has a gorgeous bird perched on the middle branch, with a red tinge to its feathers, making it a complete representation of interconnectedness.

Buzzy Silver Studs

You will not walk by unnoticed with these darling little bees floating on your lobes. These silver treasures are intricately designed with delicate wings and tiny antennae, and other engraved details. If you are looking to add a little buzz to your life, or perhaps wear something a little more unique than the traditional plain stud, this is a wonderful choice. With your hair up in a bun, or flicked behind your ears, these busy little bees will be sure to gather a few comments and admirers.

Embossed Hearts

These cute little hearts are a wonderful addition to your jewelry box… just add a gorgeous summer dress, or a pair of skinny jeans and some trendy cowboy boots, and your look is complete! Simple, yet not your run-of-the-mill earring, these little studs make for a great addition to a simple outfit. With an up-do, they will make heads turn as they compliment your lobes with just the right amount of bling. These darling little hearts look like they’ve been delicately cut out of thin silver leaf paper, and embossed with a studded stamp. They are so easy to wear, and so light and comfortable that you will even forget you are wearing them… until someone pays you a compliment!

Sweetheart Cat

This darling kitty is a definite for any cat lover. This feline silhouette is so well designed that you’d almost feel as though you could reach out your hand and pat it. A gorgeous piece to give as a gift, or to purchase as a little memory of a much loved feline friend. The most loved part of this piece, is the little heart cut-out in the middle. This is a wonderful pendant to wear on a low cut summer top, or with a sleek long dress. The chain is attached on the inside of the pendant, so as to not interrupt the design line of the cat. The surface is a smooth silver surface that will most certainly glimmer in the sun, and definitely attract friendly compliments.

Sweetheart Schnauzer

How could anyone resist this darling little doggy, designed after the miniature Schnauzer. With his gorgeous little legs and fluffy face he is recognized so easily! A wonderful gift for a dog lover, and a beautiful gift to oneself in memory of man’s best friend, or to add to your collection of doggie memorabilia. This sweet little dog is perfectly designed with his tail clearly wagging away, and his collar and lead so aptly placed on the chain. The gorgeous part of this design is the little cut out heart shape on his chest. This is a wonderful pendant to be worn with a long or short silver chain, and is sure to make a few people smile.


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